Welcome. I’m Mark.

Sometimes I just feel like writing.


This site is an outlet. A place for my own expression. It is an experiment.

You navigate it randomly.

The front page will always display the most recent story.

Clicking on “random” or “read another story” will put some more words in front of you.

There are no categories. No dates. No sorting or menus.

With randomness we lose bias, we lose preemptive judgement

With randomness we are free to explore and experience in the moment.


I’m a husband and father currently living near Seattle, WA. Outside of writing I do a great many other things. These are not important to you.

Just a reminder: not all struggles are linear.


Some day the sun will explode. In a flash of super nova we’re all gone. All we’ve ever done, ever been, will be annihilated. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I think about it. A lot.